Sponsors Postive Pete is very grateful for the Grants, Dnations & Sponsorship we have   received during 2016, helping us to make a difference t the young people’s lives  we work with:  Metropolitan Masonic Charity - Freemasons of London  W O Street Charitable Foundation Stock Exchange Veterans Red Hill Trust Waitrose Community Fund - Twickenham  Waldegrave Schools for Girls Langley Park School for Girls  Unicorn Primary School  LATCH Bromley Misc Donations  “At Positive Pete, Sponsorship isn’t always about money, we would like to thank  International Financial Data Services & Ronnie’s Café, 2 Rayleigh Road  Stanford Le Hope for each letting one of their staff take time out of their   working day to work with us as one of our volunteer mentors, both working at a   school in Grays, helping make a difference to a Young Person’s Life”.   If you would like to assist through a cash donation, offer of free services or provision of discounted products then please get in touch. We are looking especially for companies willing to commit to the costs of sponsoring a child for 3 to 5 years.