Mentoring - What is it and how does it work? The approach taken when mentoring is different for each individual, although the ethos  remains the same. The Student is encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and to  grow through support. They are guided to find the right information or people required to  assist them in their endeavour to become the best that they can.     They are often given task that are not only fun to complete but also show how one persons  actions or presence can effect a group of people that they have close interaction with. How  just one small shift in either their body language or verbal reaction can change the outcome of  a conversation whether it is with their peers, teachers or family.     It has been found that with positive Mentoring the Student’s interaction at school with their  teachers and peers improves dramatically. This progress is also reflected in a measurable  improvement in their schoolwork and homework.  Positive changes have also been noted in the  relationships that they have at home with their parents, carers and siblings.  The service offered is not a quick fix and it is stressed at the first meeting with the Student  that they are responsible for undertaking the work but that the Mentor will assist them in a  supportive role. role and will provide the tools required as and when necessary this could  include Mind Mapping and Goal Setting. Very often they simply need the reassurance that there  is someone there to listen.